Not appetizers.
Cartwheel by Target icon

Cartwheel by Target

This is my day job! Cartwheel is a mobile savings application for Target shoppers. You get offers for tons of idfferent products without ever needing to cut out a coupon!

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WvW Monitor for Guild Wars 2 icon

WvW Monitor for Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 World versus World monitor. Allows you to view the current WvW scores, matchups, and maps for both North American and European matches. The app also provides score homscreen and lockscreen widgets so you can see the scores without opening the app

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Fall icon


Fall was primarily an experiment in creating a mobile game and leveraging Google Play Services. I no longer am actively developing it. Fall is a variant of the classic FallDown game in which you control a ball falling through the sky, dodging platforms in order to avoid hitting the top of the screen. In this variant, gravity randomly switches directions as you fall!

Logomotion Scorer icon

Logomotion Scorer

Logomotion Scorer was my first Android application published to the Play Store. It is a simple app for scoring the 2011 FIRST Robotics Competition game, [Logomotion]( I no longer actively maintain it, and it is a FroYo-era Android app (so don't expect anything beautiful).

GOFIRST LEGO NXT Controller icon


Android application developed for my former student group ([GOFIRST]( at the University of Minnesota for demoing our Lego robot. The Lego robot and application were designed primarily for getting K-5 students interested in STEM.