The RxJava2 Default Error Handler

Dive into why your RxJava 2 streams might still crash your application if you implement an onError handler.

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Gradle Deep Dive slides

I have posted the slides from my talk on Gradle at the October Google Developer Group Twin Cities meetup.

Understanding the Gradle Wrapper

The vast majority of developers using Gradle use the Gradle Wrapper. This is great because using the Gradle Wrapper means that developers working on the project don’t need to manage their own Gradle installations. Being that the wrapper is so ubiquitous it is important to understand exactly what it does and what it does not do.

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Preliminary look at View tooltips

Hidden among the API changes for Android O is a new feature for Views called tooltips. Being curious about what they look like and how they behave, I dug in to find out more.

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Actions with Google slides

Slides from my 2017 DevFest MN Talk on making Actions for the Google Assistant are now up!